Latest SmadAV version 8.5 or sometimes called smadav 2011 managed to get the latest record for antivirus lined smadav to occupy 5 of the best antivirus. Many also feature in this 2011 antivirus smadav a new and an
improvement of the antiviral smadav in the year 2010 or the 8.3 rev smadav ago. Here is the latest feature smadav 2011, namely:

1. Improved techniques for virus variants heuristic shortcuts
2. The addition of 40 new virus database
3. The addition of heuristic techniques (VB Decompiler)
4. Completion of the blacklist method SmadAV Pro illegal
5. Specific detection for some new shortcut virus (MSO.sys, fanny.bmp)
6. Features the latest antivirus updates smadav

Smadav antivirus 2011 Excellence is what makes smadav able to compete with other antiviral agents, such as Norton Antivirus and McAfee antivirus. No additional 6 feature just above it, but smadav rev 8.5 also has the ability to scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds, which was named Smad-Ray feature.

SmadAV Pro 2011 will further show the overall superiority of this smadav own antivirus lengkap.dan also to update feature smadav 2011, this pro version allows us to be able to update smadav features the latest and updated. Files can be downloaded antivirus smadav 2011 are as follows:
1. The main program SmadAV: 2011 SmadAV Rev. 8.5.exe
2. Shell-Extension to display the "Scan with SmadAV" on the right-click explorer: SmadExtc.dll
3. Virus definition database file SmadAV: Smadav.loov
4. Files Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine version 6: msvbvm60.dll
5. SmadAV engine used to detect viruses: SmadEngine.dll