Somewhere on earth, in the jungle of PeaceVille, peasants worship the Pingoo bird to ensure a fruitful annual harvest. The peasants do not realize their peaceful village is about to be in trouble. The evil Doctor BirdBreath has managed to obtain alien technology and is using it to create his army of biomechanical mutants, machines and robots for world domination, starting with PeaceVille. Can ChipFox and his sidekick robot the MainKid (MK3000) save the peasants of Peaceville from the evil clutches of Dr BirdBreath ?!
- Run and gun parallax side scrolling shooter with some platforms.
- Tons of enemy sprites to keep the game fresh and fun.
- Many bosses in the game enough to keep the player busy.
- Mechanics where player can control when/what bonus items to get.
- Choose from 2 characters to play the game.
- Crisp/clear sound fx to keep the adrenaline pumping.
- Colorful artwork and pre-rendered 3D sprites/animation.
- Addictive and fun game for the family.

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