PhotoPerfect offers you every photo enhancement functionality in one easy-to-use program. Learn here why PhotoPerfect is the best choice for every-day photography tasks and at the same time for professional and semi-professional photographers.


Automatic image enhancement
• Fully automized one click image optimization with the included algorithm Xe847
• Even further enhanced automatic image optimization with the optional plugins i²e, Xe847 ProPlus or Perfectly Clear (including automatic detection & removal of red eye effects)

Essential image enhancement functions
• Brightness and contrast correction
• Correction of flash effects, backlight effects and shadow brightening
• Remove red eye effects
• Saturation setting (also selective)
• Comprehensive histogram correction facilities
• Perform retrospective white balance
• Color balance, color temperature, stepless channel switch
• Noise suppression / Color noise suppression

Advanced image enhancement functions
• Various advanced softening and sharpening tools (USM)
• Lab curves for editing images in Lab color space
• Band filter for removal of symmetrical distortion
• 16 bit support for RAW and TIFF files
• Import and edit RAW files
• Merging with Dynamic Range Increase (DRI)
• Remove color casts using multi-stage gray balance technique
• Comprehensive masking functions
• Color vibrance for selectively tweaking the saturation of over- or under saturated areas
• Brightness gradient
• Intelligent retouching function with repair and remove brushes
• MonochromiX extension for advanced black & white (grayscale) conversion
• Color management for monitor display and output on various devices
• 'Replace masked area': insert masked image area from original image
• Generate, edit and save Exif and IPTC data

Optical correction features
• Automatic pincushion reduction
• Correct converging lines
• Reduce vignetting
• Superb Shift correction
• Remove hot pixels and stuck pixels

Reshaping, manipulating, and resizing
• Cut images to predefined or custom formats
• Improved interpolation with scaling, rotating and masking (Resizing an image will create results superior to leading digital imaging applications)
• Enlarge or reduce images using various techniques
• Retouching (free drawing, cloning, shading etc.)
• Insert logo, date and text
• Lossless rotation and cropping
• Measure and mark image content

• Print pages from pre-defined templates
• Print several images on one page
• Print index pages
• Print poster or panorama view over several pages
• Date insertion
• Save print drafts for further use
• Series print

Configurability and expandability
• Savable window and key combination profiles
• Integrated scripting engine for VB- und JScripts
• Native scripting language PPScript with more than 250 commands
• Improved support for Photoshop compatible plugins
• Macro functionality
• Custom keyboard assignments
• Customer specific extensions
• Photo formats and plugins in processing resources
• Optimized support for external print services
• Configurable multi-dialog for creating custom workflows
• Measurements in either inches or cm

File functions
• Send images by email directly from PhotoPerfect
• Image conversion into various formats
• Integrated, fast image viewer
• New, scriptable batch processing
• Trigger script upon saving of image
• Create image lists (can also administer image lists on web server)
• Transfer images from digital or video cameras, scanners or card readers to the PC
• File groups for better file handling
• Exif overview data in status line

Addtional features
• Integrated framing tool
• Generate mosaic images
• Create stereo images
• Slide show (under XP direct to CD)
• Direct execution of external image viewers and editors
• GPS support
• GPS track import via external script
• Import GPS data from a NMEA tracklist
• Save GPS information and import/export as Google Earth file
• Support for dual core processors
• Optimization for 16 bit (LCD) displays