Foosball Maniac is a realistic 3-D foosball game for the PC. It contains challenging computer-controlled opponents even for the very best players on the planet.

Do you love foosball??? Do you also want to play it when you are alone in your room? Then this game is for you. Be prepared for the adrenaline rush.

  • Realism
Foosball Maniac features realistic 3D graphics with such features as real-time soft shadows, and an accurate physical simulation calculating small details of the gameplay once in every single millisecond. Simulation is not simplified just to make the game easier.
  • Polished rod control
You don’t need any special hardware to control the four rods: you use your mouse and your keyboard. Of coue it is easier to control the rods in real-life than with mouse and keyboard. That said, we made a lot of efforts to make control as convenient for you as possible. You have a lot of options like automated/manual rod selection, ‘assisted mode’ for rods you are currently not controlling, a lot of control settings such as mouse-sensitivity to customize rod control to your peonal taste.

  • Innovation
While Foosball Maniac features very realistic physics and 3D graphics, it is not exactly a one-to-one simulation of real-life foosball. There is an interesting innovation: the legs of the figures are sphere-shaped instead of being box-shaped. This makes Foosball Maniac a different game, a new challenge needing new strategies.

  • Family friendly
This game is absolutely family friendly. Our experience is that even small kids like this game very much!


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