AutoRun Architect is the ultimate AutoRun creation tool. Whether this is your first AutoRun or your 100th, whether you are a beginning computer user or a computer wiz this is the AutoRun creation tool for you!

AutoRun Architect Feature Summary:

  • Launch one or more files automatically
  • Install software to load your document (ex. Acrobat Reader for PDF documents)
  • Create silent or graphical (HTML) based AutoRuns
  • Test AutoRun without cutting CD
  • Specify a License Agreement
  • Specify a Splash Screen and/or Sound
  • Powerful AutoRun Architect wizards
  • Manage unlimited number of AutoRun projects
  • Runs on all Windows versions, Fully supports Microsoft Windows XP including Themes
  • Comprehensive help
  • Customize CD Icon
  • Secure CD contents
  • Install unlimited number of software packages
With the Quickie AutoRun Wizard you can create an AutoRun in 3 easy steps that will launch any
program or file you want!

With the full AutoRun Wizard you can create an AutoRun in 6 simple steps that allows you to customize the CD/DVD icon, display a splash screen, license agreement, launch any program or file you want and install a viewer for your file if the user does not have one!

With the full AutoRun Architect interface you can have greater control over the splash screen and license agreement, you can add CD Security, launch an unlimited number of software installations, files or programs.

You can create a graphical, HTML based, AutoRun window in which you are in full control of the look of the window. You can define an unlimited number of buttons each of which can display a splash screen, license agreement and install software or launch files or programs.