Speak-A-Message replaces written text with your voice: Just record and send.Speak-A-Message provides a rich communication experience that enables you to create and email your own audio messages and to listen to audio messages in your inbox.Speak-A-Message is free for private use. Speak-A-Message can also be used to add audio comments to text documents or to add your voice comments to presentations.

* Excellent audio compression: A 4-minute voice message requires only about 500kB
* Recorded audio messages can also be played back on common media players
* Enter author and title for an audio message
* Messages can be marked as private (playback should occur in private or with headphones)
* Sends audio messages via your email client
* Integrates into the menu of MS Outlook
* Voice notes, voice comments and recordings of talks can be added to:
o MS PowerPoint presentations
o MS Word documents

Technical Requirements:
* Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000
* Windows Media Player Version 9 or up
* PC or laptop with soundcard
* Speaker or headset for playback