All To PDF What files can you convert to PDF?

Any file that is printable in the Windows environment can be converted to PDF through All To PDF. This includes Word, PPT, Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, HTML, Excel and scanned files among others.
Accessing All To PDF

All To PDF can now be accessed in 3 different ways :

1. All To PDF can be accessed propcindir when you give a Print command through any Windows based application. Just select AllToPDF as the printer name in the Printers dropdown menu and the All To PDF application window will open up.
2. Add-Ins have been introduced for Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point files and also Microsoft Outlook. You can now directly create PDF from within the specified Microsoft applications.
3. Adding flexibility in terms of usage, you can now create PDF by simply right clicking the mouse on the file to be converted.