The new O&O DiskImage Professional Edition now lets you carry out time-scheduled imaging. This makes it possible to schedule periodic data imaging automatically. Along with the new time-scheduled feature, O&O DiskImage 3 Professional Edition lets you perform full and incremental imaging. Full imaging allows you to choose between a space-saving image of used sectors and an all-inclusive forensic imaging which can be used when restoring data - for example, in conjunction with the tools featured in the multiple award-winning O&O RescueBox. An incremental image can save you space, as you image only those data sectors which have changed since the last imaging procedure.

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition features a quick and efficient compression process specifically optimized for Microsoft Windows. The option for excluding unimportant data further reduces the amount of space a data imaging will require. The AES-Algorithm, with its powerful encryption capability, provides effective protection against unauthorized access to your important data. An encrypted image can only be read when your password has been entered.

- Emergency CD which lets you start the program without prior installation
- Time-scheduled data imaging for running options automatically
- incremental imaging of any Windows-storage volume
- support of dynamic drives, GPT-Hard disks and RAID Systems (depending on operating system)
- Images can be mounted as a virtual drive
- And much, much more...