CPUgenie can cool down CPUs based on Intel Core 2 technology and reduce power! CPUgenie is an advanced CPU power management application that can reduce CPU temperatures, increase notebook battery time and much more!
Unlock the true potential of your CPU while saving power and reducing temperature loads!
So, hows the magic done? CPUgenie can be used to make the CPU run on lower voltages than factory defaults and with improved dynamic speed regulation algorithm. As the result, your computer consumes less power and generates less heat under heavy loads! Read how we cooled down Sony Vaio Z by 26???°C!

CPUgenie features include:

* Adjustable CPU Speed Management
* Per-Application Acceleration
* GreenVoltage Undervolting Made Easy!
* Powerful Monitoring
* Manual Undervolting and P-State edits, for Pros!
* Stress Testing for Ensuring Computing Stability