Cryptic Disk - creating and managing encrypted disks and partitions. When recording the encrypted disk or partition data is automatically encrypted in the future are stored encrypted and inaccessible to outsiders. When reading from an encrypted disk or partition data is automatically decrypted.

To gain access to protected information is required to enter a password. Even with the withdrawal of a computer or disk access to the information obtained will be impossible. To create encrypted disks can be used as whole drives (hard, removable, Flash) and all partitions on the disk. The program used Cryptic Disk encryption algorithm AES 256 bit.

The system is suitable for single-user and multi-user access. Each user has a personal password and access rights to encrypted data.

Key features Cryptic Disk:
  • Creating encrypted disks and partitions. You can select any drives or partitions and create from them encrypted.
  • Removal of encrypted disks and partitions. Encrypted disks and partitions You can always remove, convert into ordinary.
  • Mounting and unmounting encrypted disks. Encrypted disk / partition at any time, you can connect to the system and work with him as usual.
  • Multi-user access. Each user of the encrypted disk can have your password and access rights.
  • Protecting run the program with a password. This will allow the program to restrict access to other users on your computer.