Every day, thousands of users across the world face the data loss problem. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons for that. The cost of storage devices is steadily going down, but their quality does not improve
Users constantly face file system errors and hardware crashes. According to independent reports, thousands of new viruses that can delete or damage your data are written each month. Software errors often become the reason of data loss

Hetman Uneraser is a great solution of all these problems. The software recovers files from all popular media: HDD’s, photo cameras, USB devices, phone memory cards, cell phones, ZIP and 3.5” disks. If your drive has been formatted or there has been a file system error, don’t lose hope – you data can still be recovered

The program recovers all possible file types: *.zip, *.rar, *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, *.jpeg, *.bmp and many more. The built-in “deep analysis” function enables you to scan your drive and identify the files that were deleted during formatting

The integrated “Explorer” displays deleted files and folders. This tool will help you quickly find the lost files. To recover a file, select it and press the “Recover” button. It’s as simple as opening a file in the standard Windows Explorer. You can filter files and folders and view deleted files only, as well as search for specific files and folders. The software supports searching by date, size and file type

Hetman Uneraser supports VFAT, FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS4/NTFS5 and works under Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / Vista

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