With software Muvee Reveal, creating a video photo album to store those moments nothing is too difficult! You can share albums with friends, or watch on DVD
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1. The interface works:

Work interface of the program was very simple layout with three main sections:
- Photos and Videos: contains images and video from the album, you click the Add> From My Computer ... select photos, videos from your PC (supports video formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, ...), besides you can also import photos directly from digital cameras, camcorders HDV / DV, AVCHD camcorder, by clicking the Add> select the appropriate product category. To sort the images, random video, you click Arrange> Shuffle All. You click on Expand to see the image frame.
- Styles: The program offers you 10 nice effects for the album, you select a type of frame and press the Play button in Preview to preview the album. If you want to change the speed settings as well (colors, images, wallpaper ...) the effect, select the Style Settings, an effect each will have different options. Click Reset to Default to return to the default.

- Music: click Add selected to find audio files as background music to photo album, you can press the Play button to listen to the music, if not, click on the trash can icon to delete.

2.Chinh edit photos, video:

Besides the main function is to create photo albums, the program has the ability to edit photos, remove red eye, and add captions to your photos, video. Double-click your mouse on the image to open and edit. In the Preview tab, you click Enhance> Auto-Enhance Colors to change the brightness, color photos, eliminating red eye you click Auto-Correct Red-Eye, to remove noise beads you choose Auto-Remove Noise.

MagicSpot card helps you zoom (zoom), a region important to the viewer the impression of this region. You just drag the light to the area to zoom round. If you want custom resize zoom right in, you tick Manual on four corners and then dragging the rectangle to resize the rectangle.

Caption card helps you to insert notes on the picture, press the Center button to change the format of notes.
For video, you can split into many small clips (Split into Clips) or a photo frame (Split at this frame) to more easily edit.

MagicMoment card allows you to cut off a piece or pick out the important (highlight) the video, so in the case of shorter length album length video sections marked the highlight will be the priority appears. To check, you click the Play button to play video normally, when the need to give up, you click Exclude, whereas click Highlight. To uncheck, select Unmark.

3. General Settings:

In the main interface, select Personalize to reset the album, including the following:
- Duration: the length album, you choose to summarize to fit music album released in accordance with the length of background music, select Use All photos and video to slide all the usual photo and video (background music repeated if necessary), select summarize length to manual if you want to determine a specific time.
- Title and credits: you choose two cards to change the title and author name in the first and last album. Animation effects in selected frames for text appear more impressive.

- Settings: adjust the zoom effects, slideshow speed, as well as background music.

- Voice Over: Here you can record voice directly into the album, Audio Mix frame allows you to adjust the volume of the materials in the album sound like background music, music video clips, audio parts, audio sound effects of your choice.

4. Output:

Share your muvee button, to record the album to VCD / DVD slide show on DVD appliances, you select DVD, the program supports you to create DVD menu with 10-style interface are great.

You select Computer to produce albums with WMV, MOV, MPEG-1. Can also export to formats for mobile phone (Mobile Device), iPod, PSP.

In particular, support programs produce albums with high quality (HD), item HD then you press select to save to WMV-HD, or AVC-HD format used to burn Blu-Ray.

Besides, you press the Web directory to upload to the website shwup.com album to share with friends
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