The Paragon  System Backup application was designed to provide simple and automatic entire system & data backup.
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Here are some key features of "Paragon System Backup":

- Simple and Complete Backup
- With Create New Storage wizard the solution will analyze the disk system and consider the most appropriate place to store your backup images. On the recommended target environment the wizard will suggest creating the on-disk snapshot of your system by taking some free space from the system partition, which will require the system restart.
- However, the software will also look for external hard drives as the most reliable way of storing backup images. Thus you will be able to get your OS and data back on track even in case of an operating system crash. Further, you will need to confirm the suggested timetable to update the backup on a regular basis (every week by default) or set your own. That's it!

- Easy restore to previous state
- You can use System Restore to undo harmful changes to your computer and restore its settings and performance. It returns your computer to an earlier time. On the System Backup 2010 console, both automatic and manual snapshots are available.

- For easy management, each snapshot has a label (created date by default) and a sign indicating whether it is standard (contains all on-disk information) or lightweight (a standard snapshot with no media files). By clicking on the required snapshot, you call a popup menu with available commands. Just pick up "Restore" to restore the whole snapshot in a minutes.

- Fast recovery after system failure
- System Backup 2010 offers a bootable recovery environment on the on-disk snapshot storage (just press F1 at the system startup to activate it). It can help you if your computer fails to boot because of a virus attach or corruption of some critical files. But if you face a hard disk malfunction, you need to use the Recovery CD (previously burning it to a CD/DVD with the program wizard).

- Irrelatively to recovery environment you will find the Simple Recovery Wizard to get your system back on track in a few clicks. Please note however that recovery won't be possible in case of a hard disk malfunction if the Snapshot Storage located on the same drive.

- Worry-free Paragon Recovery CD
- Paragon Recovery CD provides the possibility to boot and recover your computer in case of a hard disk malfunction, a virus attack, or a system failure. Actually the on-disk snapshot storage created with the program already contains a bootable recovery environment (just press F1 at the system startup to activate it). It can help you out unless you face a hard disk malfunction. That's where the Recovery CD comes into scene.

- The Recovery CD image is integrated into the software. Thus you should not worry about additional downloads etc. With System Backup 2010 you will be able to burn the Recovery CD in a couple of clicks - just insert blank CD/DVD and wait until operation finish. Please keep the Recovery CD in a safe place for disaster recovery case.

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