Vegas Movie Studio HD software makes video editing easy and fun. Best of all, it is a real-time nondestructive video editor.
No matter what changes you make to your video and photos in the software, your original files are never affected! Vegas Movie
Studio HD software gives you the freedom to experiment and have fun with video editing, without worrying about making a
mistake. Create captivating videos that beg to be watched again and again using Vegas Movie Studio HD. Digital video editing
tools add professional pizzazz with transitions, titles, and special effects including green screen and slow motion.
Quickly format movies for online sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and more.

General Features:
* New! Streamlined New Project and Make Movie wizards
* New! Improved native HDV .m2t playback performance and improved memory handling for HDV longform projects
* New! Sony AVCHD enhancements
* Freehand envelope drawing on the timeline
* Display of media marker names in events
* Improved snapping - color-coded visual snap indicator and the ability to snap to event edges on other tracks.
* Multitrack video and audio editing
* Easy drag-and-drop functionality
* Show Me How interactive tutorials
* Real-time editing of parameters during playback
* Support for any aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc)
* Supports multiple file formats and frame rates
* High Definition editing and output
* Simple drag-and-drop operations
* Explorer view
* Project media bins
* Over 500 video effects and transitions
* Track markers and regions
* Unlimited undo/redo
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