Soundbase was created to fill a gap in the large amount of free and commercial mp3 players. We do not pretend to have the ultimate mp3 or audio solution, but it will most likely fit somewhere into your mp3 playing experience.

Soundbase is a player, a tag editor and an organizer. It will always give you a quick way of doing common tasks.

Soundbase uses the windows subsystem that compresses and uncompresses audio files, the Audio Compression Manager (ACM).

By using this windows subsystem the player does not require any additional dlls or drivers, and as such a basic install of soundbase will take less then 2mb (5mb if you install the 60 basic skins too).

Windows itself supports the most common formats (mp3, wav, wma). You might need to read the help section on installing more sophisticated formats (ape, flac, ogg) to enable playback for those files.

The help section provides you with links to free (ACM) codecs packs and will give you information on how to best install the different codec packs and the teams personal preferences on quality and performance of these codec packs.

Is there more?
Of course there is more, you can skin soundbase, organize your music to different locations, edit tag information, search, filter, create playlists.

Soundbase doesn't use any registry entries but stores all in one ini file, it is completelly anonymous, it can run from any location with limited user access rights, and much more. And we of course never stop thinking of better ways and better functionality, so stay tuned for more free updates.

Here are some key features of "Soundbase":
· Manage your music Collection
· Easy load, edit and save ID3 tags.
· Locate your music into different databases
· Database grouping on any quality.
· Online support.
· Assigning track and album information.
· Player
· Drag-and-Drop playlist creation
· Extended equalizer settings
· Variable Playback settings
· Volume leveling
· Turn your music collection into ogg/mp3
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