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What you need is just an internet connection. Rest is here for browsing the whole world, playing flash games online or watching movies on YouTube.

Adobe Air v1.5.3.9130
Avant Browser v11.7 Build 46
Firefox 3.6
Flash Player v10.0.45.2 (IE)
Flash Player v10.0.45.2 (Non-IE)
Flock v2.5.6
Google Chrome v5.0.317.2 Beta
Google Toolbar v6.4.1321.1732 (IE)
Google Toolbar v7.0.2009.1216b (Firefox)
Google Web Accelerator v0.2.70
Internet Explorer v8.0 (Vista)
Internet Explorer v8.0 (XP)
K-Meleon v1.5.3
Maxthon v2.5.12.4200 Beta
Netscape v9.0.0.6
Opera v10.50 Beta 1 (Build 3247)
Safari v4.0.4
SeaMonkey v2.0.2
Shockwave Player v11.5.6.606
Silverlight v3.0.50106

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