Code : NN65
Credit Card Manager will help you store all personal credit card account-related information and keep track of credit card transactionsCredit Card Manager maintains transaction information, such as charges, payments and interest charged. When transactions are logged, they are kept in a current transaction listing for future reconciliation with the monthly account statement.After transactions are reconciled, they are retained for user-defined reporting inquiries such as account history and spending habit analyses.

Key features:

Account Registry:
· The credit card account registry is a convenient reference of stored account-related information, such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card limits, and interest rates.

Transaction Log:
· Credit card transactions, such as purchases, payments and interest charges can be logged for each individual account. Current balances are calculated and displayed here.

Monthly Reconciliation:
· The credit card registration program maintains a list of current transactions which facilitates quick verification of transactions recorded on monthly credit card statements.

Transaction History:
· Transaction history for all credit card accounts is maintained to track spending habits, interest costs, and payments.

What's New :
· Added new field

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