IDM UltraEdit + UltraEditPortable

Year: released 2010-05-28 (released 2010-06-22)
Version: IDM UltraEdit + UltraEditPortable
Developer: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Language: English only
Tablet: Is present

UltraEdit - a powerful multi-window text editor with flexible settings, which also has a built-in FTP client to upload documents to your server. With this program you can edit text, HEX, and HTML files up to 2 GB. The program has a function syntax highlighting for various languages, including C / C + +, VB, HTML, Java, Perl, FORTRAN and LaTex. In addition, you can connect additional dictionaries with the syntax of other languages, tag libraries and macros. The program is flexible and easy to configure, and elegant user interface provides an easy and fast access to the most important features of UltraEdit.

  • Code Folding
  • Support for operations with 64-bit files on all 32-bit Windows platforms
  • Support for Unicode
  • Edit the text on the disc - support files larger than 4 GB with minimal loading RAM;
  • The spell on 100000 words from foreign languages support
  • Pre-customizable syntax highlighting for C / C + +, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for Fortran and LaTex
  • Built-in FTP client
  • Support Project / Workspace
  • Configurable keyboard mapping
  • Edit Mode Column / block
  • HEX Editor to edit any binary file and view it in binary and ASCII representation
  • HTML toolbar preconfigured for popular functions

IDM UEStudio + Portable

Year: released 2010-06-24
Version: + Portable
Developer: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Language: English only
Tablet: Present

UEStudio - a powerful integrated development environment built on the famous text editor UltraEdit. UEStudio includes all the features of the program UltraEdit, plus support for more than 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C + +, Java, GNU C / C + +, PHP, Perl, etc.), an integrated debugger, integrated VCS control, integrated view of classes, language information, currency converter projects, and many other features. There is a huge number of additional features and settings. In the ninth version of the program, a host of improvements to the interface, there was a built-in debugger, PHP code, improved support for FTP, and much more.

  • The strong support for the projects / solutions
  • Transformation of Visual Studio 6 / 05 to UEStudio Project
  • Integrated support for compiler
  • Integrated support for CVS
  • Integrated support for SVN
  • Multiple SVN / CVS modules in projects
  • Integrated support for tags
  • Project Manager
  • Project Templates

New features:
  • Built-in debugger, PHP code
  • Extended Support for CVS
  • Improved FTP support
  • The scripting access to Clipboard
  • Advanced automatic discovery of large files
  • The rapid opening of the address bar
  • The new improved interface

IDM UltraCompare Professional + IDM UltraCompare Portable

Year: released 2010-04-05
Version: + IDM UltraCompare Portable
Developer: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Language: English only
Tablet: Is present

UltraCompare Professional - text editor to find the differences in the documents. UltraCompare can help you find the difference between the files, folders and Zip-archives. The possibility of automatic integration into UltraEdit-32 or UEStudio. The program can perform a comparison on the text or a binary code. UltraCompare supports command line, it is possible to ignore the given fragments. The status bar displays the number of different blocks, also be possible to find differences in folders by recursively compare directories and all of its subdirectories. The program is useful for programmers, system administrators, those who deal with large documents and text editing.

  • Perl-compatible regular expressions;
  • Powerful new features FTP / SFTP. FTP accounts are available and displayed in the File Tree View. FTP Settings may now be in a file specified by the user. Possibility to connect local and remote folders and transfer files between remote server and local system;
  • Improvements of the search operation / replacement
  • Expanded support for UNICODE
  • Select all the fragments found string
  • Support for folded code ignored lines and comments lines
  • Enhanced support for UltraCompare Professional, including triangular comparison
  • New macro commands
  • New improved dialog for User and Project Tools
  • AutoRecover files that have changed after a system crash / application
  • Increase User sets and Project Tools to 25 each
  • Improved (Aspell) Spelling Support
  • All menus and toolbars switch together with the change of user profiles

IDM UltraSentry

Year: released 2009-02-04
Developer: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Language: English only
Tablet: Present

UltraSentry - it's recommended cleansing program registry and hard drive, which is fully configurable security profiles that can run on demand, on the calendar or in the commission of a certain event. UltraSentry a wide range of commands that completely protect your privacy, security, and demands on computing, both at work and at home.

Pre-configured profiles allow you to install, configure, and forget about the existence of the program! it's easy!
- Profile of privacy!
- Profile of purification after logout.
- Profiles complete purification system.
- Profile purification browser.
- Or create your own profile.

Scheduling UltraSentry to view your computer's important files and protect your privacy during your absence. Set the native profiles (total cleansing system, cleansing after exiting the system, and the profile of the full protection) for a complete erasure is not only the browser history, but also registry entries, temporary files, and to cleanse the free space on the drive from the recently used documents, search history and remote e-mail. UltraSentry interacts with the best security features available in file deletion utilities plus the advanced features that will help guarantee you complete security and confidentiality of the calculation.

The platform for all programs: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000