O&O Defrag Professional, Workstation and Server Edition - this is one of the most famous and best programs to defragment the hard drives that allow you to regain the performance of servers and workstations to Windows. This solution will eliminate the fragmentation of files and arrange them in order. Now, the operation for reading and recording information will be faster, have a positive impact on system performance in general.

The program offers a wide selection of new and unique features that make it extra effort to optimize your system. Providing everything you need to defragment your hard drives on computers running Windows. Thanks to technology ActivityGuard and opportunities to schedule automatic defragmentation, you can establish an ongoing working process, knowing that the application of O & O Defrag, running in the background, will ensure optimum performance of your computer.

Year: 2010
Version: 12.5.351, 12.0.197
Developer: O & O Software
Language: Russian and English

System requirements:
* Windows 2000 Pro, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (from Windows XP 32-bit / 64-bit)
* Server 2003, Server 2008
* System with Intel Pentium III or comparable Processor
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
* 50 MB free hard disk space
* VGA Graphics Card with minimum 800x600 and 256 colors
* CD-ROM-Drive, keyboard and mouse

* Protection from strong fragmentation through monitoring and defragmentation in the background
* Defragment individual files and folders via Explorer context menu
* Wizard for regular and automated defragmentation
* Five different defragmentation methods
* Simple creation of automatic defragmentation with O & O OneButtonDefrag
* Support of all Windows drives
* Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP New!
* Zoning for optimizing files New!
* Added 3 new method of defragmentation New!

Homepage: - http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/

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