Disk Space Inspector is a feature-packed, yet easy to use, software for the disk space usage analysis, management and reporting. Disk Space Inspector delivers easy to read and comprehensive text and image reports of disk space usage by your network users/share names/volume/directory and other file attributes. Disk Space Inspector? allows you to determine where,how your disk space is being used and by whom on your local computer and/or network servers. You can determine which folders and/or volumes are using the largest space. You can easily create disk space reports as text file (HTML,CSV,XML) and image files (pie and bar chart reports).

Common approach to searching for files usually limits the searcher to using wildcards for specific file naming patterns and in some cases date \ time based sorting of search results. Many of us have experienced the utter frustration when searching for files with common Windows search tools. Long minutes of disk buzzing and patient waiting in vain¡­ just to see that so called ¡®results' display nothing of significance!

Disk Space Inspector software can be used for searching for files that meet specific criteria. Moreover, the application provides one of the most sophisticated file search mechanisms around. Thanks to advanced file system processing algorithms it is possible to search for files basing on virtually any available file system attribute. And what is most intriguing, search speed is truly unbeatable, even in case of complex search patterns!

Disk Space Inspector is a natural-born file searches winner due to combination of the following facts: ease of use, extended file systems type compatibility, native file operations support, specialization in fast data search and analysis in local network environments. With these key components brought together, searching for required data becomes actually a snap!

With Disk Space Inspector it is possible to specify the most extensive sets of search criteria: from file attributes to data ownership. Moreover, unlike many search solutions, Disk Space Inspector is primarily a disk space monitoring tool, which means it was created to run under heavy system and network loads at an unprecedented speed. You will be amazed at how fast Disk Space Inspector can find you what you are actually after!

Disk Space Inspector features ¡®Advanced Find' technology that ensures you can describe the file system object you are looking for in the way most natural to you, not the machine! You can specify drive(s) and folder(s) to search within, apply size filters (and you do not have to convert gigabytes to bytes inside your mind, the program provides all possible alternatives), name filters (lazy to learn all possible wildcard combinations? OK, just use Name Assistant to convert your thoughts to appropriate file masks), specify type of file system object you wish to include in search process and even search for files created by a specific user!

Do not let the multitude of search tools mentioned above embarrass you! Whether you are an experienced cluster network administrator or newbie PC user, Disk Space Inspector ensures you find exactly what you need ¨C FAST and EASY!

So what's the bottom-line? My opinion is that Disk Space Inspector is a must-have tool for everyone who has many files and does not want to spend entire life on fruitless searches! If you have tried them all but still unhappy with Windows search tools, I recommend giving Disk Space Inspector a try!

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