Do you have confidential information that must be protected from prying eyes?
There are dozens of ways for attackers to intercept your information while using e-mail, transferring it via any kind of media and even just keeping it on your hard drive.

Protect your data with Easy Crypter 2010 encryption system - the resistant to cracking encryption algorithm makes it impossible to unauthorized access to your information!

Encryption File System
Easy Crypter 2010 program provides encryption and decryption of the single or multiple files as well as string (text). It is using TripleDES as a cryptographic algorithm. This is a block encryption algorithm with a symmetric key, i.e. one key is used for both encryption and decryption of data.

Easy Crypter 2010 provides reliable data protection from unauthorized access. The encryption algorithm used in the program resists all possible types of break-in: despite decades of researchers efforts, effective attacks on it were not found. It can be used either by organizations to protect trade secrets, or by individuals to store personal information in secrecy.

System Requirements : Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7