AVG LinkScanner is a application that provides real-time protection against online threats. At the moment, there are far more threats on the Internet than plain viruses. You've probably heard of the spyware term. Authors of malicious codes and dangerous websites are very innovative, and new kinds of threats emerge quite often, the vast majority of which are on the Internet.

We Present Below Some Of These Threats :
  • Exploit represents a malware code that takes advantage of a flaw or vulnerability in an operating system, Internet browser, or other essential program.
  • Social Engineering is a common term for various techniques used very often to fool users into giving away personal information such as passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. Usually, the potential victims are contacted by a bulk e-mail asking them to e.g. update their bank account details. In order to do that, they are invited to follow the link provided which then leads to a fake website of the bank.
  • Scam is a type of social engineering that includes false job offers. This type of threat can abuse the workers for illegal activities, making them to withdraw a considerable amount of money or fraudulent lotteries.
  • Hoax is a bulk-email which contains dangerous or plain bothering and useless information. Its main goal is to spread the above mentioned threats.
  • Dont forget the malicious websites which are the ones that deliberately install malicious software on your computer, and hacked sites do just the same, only these are legitimate websites that have been compromised into infecting visitors.

Using AVG LinkScanner you wont have to worry anymore because it has the ability to protect your computer against all these threats. Its powerful features will provide all the protection you need