DigiFish Aqua Real 2 v1.04a Portable | 26.05 Mb
DigiFish Aqua Real 2 - is a window that extends from your desktop into the endless expanses of open ocean, inhabited by beautiful tropical fish. You can choose from 26 different species, setting the background and setting the list of currently playing music. Image quality and realism to the highest level.

Features of the screensaver:
- 26 different species of tropical fish (Palette Surgeonfish, Peppermint Angelfish, Clown Anemonefish, Pennant Coralfish, Flame Angel, Longhorn Cowfish, Whitebarred Trunkfish, Coral Hind, Caerulean Damsel, Yellow Tang, Humpback Grouper, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Yellow Boxfish, Longnose Hawkfish, Blackstriped Angelfish, Ornate Butterflyfish, Comet Emperor, Red Snapper, Jack-Knifefish, Common Bluestripe Snapper, Blotched Foxface, Queen Triggerfish, Queen Angelfish, Emperor Angelfish, Spinecheek Anemonefish, Broadbarred Firefish);
- Crawling hermit crabs, beautiful sea slugs slowly appear in different corners of the coral reef - making the underwater world much brighter and more beautiful;
- 3 different coral background;
- Supported windowed and full screen modes (4:3, 16:9 / 16:10);
- Fully customized list of currently playing music.