Paris-Dakar Rally (PC)
PC game | English | Publisher: Acclaim | Genre: Rally / Offroad Racing Game | 273 Mb

Paris-Dakar Rally will take the players to the heart of the challenge. Stunning and visually rich environments will be matched with realistic physics and tense gameplay as the game journeys across North Africa to Egypt through jungle, savannah and sand dunes.

Game Features:
* Each year, the world's bravest drivers come together to compete in the Paris-Dakar Rally, a gruelling 7,000 mile trek across every imaginable terrain. They do battle in trucks, cars, motorbikes and ATVs, all striving for the honour of being called the ultimate off-road champion. Only the strong will survive this battle of mud, sweat and gears!

* In Broadsword's startling re-enactment of of the Paris-Dakar Rally, you'll get the chance to drive a choice of cars, buggies, motorbikes and ATVs across 40 stages in northern Africa. Take up the challenge in Time Attack, Arcade or Campaign modes. Once you could only imagine the experience! Now you can live it.


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Part 2