Tuner4PC allows configuring and establishing internet connection via satellite. Once you have specified all the necessary parameters in the application, Tuner4PC will automatically configure a VPN, OpenVPN, Slonax, Globax, or Sprint link to your provider, depending on your choice.

Features :
  • Automatic configuration of satellite Internet connection software (registering necessary parameters in accelerators and creating VPN connection).
  • Establishing a GPRS connection before launching a satellite link.
  • Configuring satellite map for receiving the signal from specified satellite provider.
  • Launching/stopping Slonax, Sprint, and Globax accelerators.
  • Launching/stopping OpenVPN.
  • Launching/stopping VPN.
  • Launching/stopping applications you have specified (for example, you could have your Opera, Mozilla or IE browsers run automatically once the satellite link is activated).
  • Displaying download speed, amount of data transmitted/received through the satellite link.
  • Detailed data transfer statistics for specified time span.
  • For certain satellite providers, the software offers additional services: viewing account balance, adjusting connection speed, restarting accelerator.