Stops spyware and virus infections, protects privacy, allows for the safe isolated execution of untrusted programs, blocks malicious access to personal files and local networks, isolates email attachments for safe execution, and discards file or registry changes made while browsing.

Virtual Sandbox™ Internet Security and Privacy Protection. Finally, use modern virtualization technology for Internet security and privacy protection.

Virtual Sandbox is a secure software system designed to allow unknown or untrusted programs to be run in an isolated environment without access to personal files, local networks, and system settings. With Virtual Sandbox installed, programs can be allowed to run in a discardable, carefully tailored, virtual environment that is contained and isolated from the operating system, but appears on your Windows desktop.

Safely open email attachments
Attention Sign“Because of Virtual Sandbox I am no longer afraid to surf the Internet or open email attachments. Now I am confident no spyware or virus can attack my computer.” Now you can open email attachments without being afraid. Virtual Sandbox immediately identifies attachments and downloads and marks them for execution in a synthetic empty environment, called a sandbox. From inside the sandbox there is no real access to your computer hardware and only apparent access to the minimum system files required for execution. After the attachment executes, the sandbox is figuratively raked smooth again, discarding any permanent file changes attempted by the attachment.

Blocks execution of any program
Additionally, Virtual Sandbox can block the execution of any program, including presently installed programs and unknown programs from the Internet and removable media (USB drives, CD ROM, network shares, floppy disks, etc.).

Eliminates computer threats

Attention : Did you know with Virtual Sandbox your personal information is hidden, preventing identity theft? Virtual Sandbox requires zero configuration. Immediately after the quick, nearly effortless installation, Virtual Sandbox goes to work protecting your computer from future threats, both known and unknown. There is no virus definition database that needs to be updated regularly, no subscription, and no service agreement. Virtual Sandbox automatically protects. There is nothing new to learn and no change required in the way you use your computer. Spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers, etc. will not get installed, even when they are hidden inside other programs that you do elect to run.

Safely browse the Internet
Browse the Internet knowing your personal information will not be exposed to spyware and adware. You do not need to change your normal Internet browsing practices including the ability to set favorites and bookmarks. Virtual Sandbox allows favorites to be mapped into a synthetic profile and for new favorites to be saved persistently in the user’s real profile without providing general access to the real profile.

Zero day protection from viruses, spyware, and malware
Attention SignDid you know Virtual Sandbox actually prevents viruses from attacking your computer? Virtual Sandbox protects against threats, known and unknown, from the instant they try to execute on your computer. Other antivirus products that rely on signature databases and file scanning do not
even work in theory to protect against new, mutated, or targeted malware.

Without Virtual Sandbox, until your legacy antivirus company identifies a virus and sends an update to your computer, you are not protected from the virus. What is worse, if someone writes a virus and just sends it to you, it can run on you computer for years without it ever showing up in a virus database so it can be removed. This entire time all of your personal information is exposed and
your computer is in jeopardy.

Home user
There is free, useful, and fun software all over the Internet. Virtual Sandbox gives you the confidence to download and run anything, knowing that nothing will be able to access your personal files or install any hidden nuisances on your computer.

Small business
Most employees have no idea of the potential for damage, data theft, and computer destruction that they expose your company to simply by double clicking on an email attachment or downloading programs from the Internet. Legacy antivirus software is no help here. Virtual Sandbox gives you the power to limit which executables can be run on office computers and limit what company resources are exposed.

Virtual Sandbox keeps track of files and registry keys modified by programs running in a sandbox. The Virtual Sandbox Explorer, included in the installation, provides a fascinating look inside the operation of a program. The Virtual Sandbox Explorer presents a concise tree view of both the file system and the registry changes that contained programs attempted. It is a great diagnostic and evaluation tool that allows you to make informed decisions about software that you are going to install on your computer to run natively.

Effective, proven, secure
Virtual Sandbox is built on technology that has been highly effective on education and government computers for over 5 years. Protecting well over one hundred thousand computers with no reports of spyware penetration, this technology is well tested and secure. It is the underlying mechanism that supports the multiple award winning Clean Slate desktop protection software and the Clean Slate Snap-in for the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit.