The Blue Atom Antivirus application was developed to be a simple antivirus that can be used to detect and repair your computer from viruses. Blue Atom Antivirus can be primary or secondary antivirus(if you have an antivirus). Blue Atom Antivirus has many heuristic scanners to more protected your computer from viruses. Performance speed is high enough, because I combine some programming language. But I focused in accuracy so full protection is very strong.

Blue Atom Antivirus has two types of databases: Internal database and External database. Blue Atom Antivirus has a new module, it s a virtual system (built in). So in this program can be multi-tasking mode.

Here are some key features of Blue Atom Antivirus :
· Design schematic code like a RISC system.
· Small and light for system.
· Autorun protector + Anti-Stolen flash disk(the flash disk is given the name
· which is difficult to be erased)
· Many tools to help you(ex: Un-Hidden folder easily.)
· Small requirement to run this antivirus.
· Built in the program, Virtual System.

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