Mashed Fully Loaded (PC/Full/Eng)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English | Release Date : Mar 30, 2005
Publisher : Empire Interactive | Developer : Success | Genre : Racing Simulation - Car | Size : 250 Mb

Mashed: Fully Loaded is a revamped version of the top down racing game, Mashed, that pits up to four players against each other in a gladiatorial racing battle. Compete in challenging and diverse environments using whatever means necessary to batter and eliminate your opponents into submission, and claim victory for yourself.


* Up to four players at one time, play "all-against-all" or collaborate with friends in the team mode
* All New Special Effects and Graphical Polish
* Improved Smooth Camera System
* Improved Power-up Pickup System
* 30 tracks to race on including training ovals, sandy deserts in Egypt, icy mountains and twisting forests + 3 New Tournaments – Turbo, Ice and Night
* Different cars for each track that suit the terrain are waiting for you to master – a total of 15 Vehicles, all with Varied Handling
* Nine hi-tech weapons to pick up and unleash on your rivals including machine guns, mortars, missiles, shotguns, oil slicks, flamethrowers, mines, barrel bombs and blinding flares
* Air Strike system that allows players knocked out of a race to unleash death from the skies on their rivals
* 60 Single Player Challenges
* 6 Training Modes

System Requirements

* OS: XP / Vista / Windows 7
* Processor: 800 IV 2 GHz
* Video: 64 MB, GeForce 6800 GT or Radeon x1300XT
* soundcard: Direct-X 9c compatible
* Memory: 512 MB
* DirectX ® 9.0c


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