Ngangkung (2010) (Malay) DVDRip

Genre: Comedy | Horror
Language: Malay
Subtitle: English [Hardsubbed]
Format: MKV

Story of 3 bestfriends, played by Shaheizy Sam, Azad Jazmin & Angah (Raja Lawak) who loved ‘Ngangkung’ (Dark art to ask for lottery). Azim (Shaheizy Sam) is a common worker who already been married and has a daughter named Wahida (Farisha Fatin). Taznim invited Azim to join him and Wan (Angah Raja Lawak) to go ‘mengangkung’. Even though their wives (Eira Syazira & Putri Mardiana) disagree with their habit, but they still insist to be rich in an easier way. Many humorous and horrified things happen while they were trying to reach their dream to be rich. What will happen?Can they fulfill their ambitions?


Part 1

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