PDF enabled software is a vital component for every desktop. PDF or Portable Document Format is a widely used file format originally developed by Adobe. This format is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for publishing on the web.
Our pdf writer pdfMachine converts a print stream from an application directly into a PDF. Once you have installed the pdf writer, open your document that you want to convert, then click "print", select the "Broadgun pdfMachine printer" and that's it!
pdfMachine is simple and fast, with no complicated options and is a native Windows print driver. If you know how to print from an application then you can use pdfMachine!

pdfMachine ultimate contains of the base functionality of 'pdfMachine pro' plus:
* 'Word Mail Merge' allows you to use Microsoft Word Mail Merge to send bulk emails with customised PDF attachments to each recipient.
* Parameter parsing - control the PDF generation pipeline from instructions embedded into the content of the document.

pdfMachine features:
* Print to create PDF
* PDF Editing
* Open any PDF
* Comment PDF
* Multilingual font support
* Mail Integration
* Small File Sizes
* PDF Stationery
* Textural watermarks
* Security Encryption
* Active URLs
* Hyperlinks
* N-Up Printing
* MS Office Integration
* MS IE Integration
* Network Installations
* Bookmark Editing
* Word Mail Merge
* Digital Signatures
* Parameter parsing
* Scanning Support
* Custom toolbar
* Terminal Server
* Set Next Action
* Set Document properties
* Multiple Print Profiles / Multiple Printers
* Windows XP/Vista x64 drivers
* File embedding/attaching