Manage, optimize and release the excess on the ram process will help your system work smoother. To do this, you can thanks to the help of SuperRam. capacity as well as the speed of RAM is one of many factors affecting the speed and the efficiency of the system, especially the gamers. if your computer is attached to every "crisis" is really the amount and speed of the ram was the kind of residual field, need not overly concerned. however, if your computer is attached to the goods "often secondary" or just "acceptable" but not in a position to further upgrade the capacity and speed of ram you probably will be very uncomfortable when the machine will speed ì yoke, sometimes even notice the amount of RAM is not enough to run a certain program.

Still, not exactly your RAM is occupied by organic processes are useful, but sometimes it was occupied by the organic process additives, the process is not necessary ... make your ram memory is a wasted unnecessarily. with the help of SuperRam, your RAM will be optimized and an activity most effectively.

SuperRam is a small program that allows you to optimize and manage the system's RAM to the best. simple interface and easy to use as well as those not requiring too strict in users, with very simple movements that you can use and efficient exploitation of SuperRam features.

The main features of the program:
- Optimization of the system ram memory by freeing wasted memory space by processes not needed.
- Operating system to hide inside the boundaries of the process and the operation of RAM to be able to "hand" just in time.
- Displays information related to memory ram through intuitive graphs and very easy to observe.
- A simple interface and easy operation, suitable even for those who are not fluent in computers.
hopefully with the help of SuperRam, you will not feel frustrated when your computer becomes "heavy" and not work as you want. nonetheless compared with measures to upgrade the new computer is a measure "fire" may also temporarily acceptable.